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We welcome your questions, and it really is OK to ask anything that you need to know! We
have selected some commonly asked questions (below) but please ask us if your question is
not answered here.

For all questions that you may have, please look below to see if others have asked this before, or feel free to email us or call each of us
individually by 'phone with your enquiry. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) at the
Are all your therapists properly qualified?
Yes, everyone practicing here is properly trained and fully
qualified. Many of our practitioners also help to supervise or
train others, and we all comply with the codes of ethic and
conduct of our respective governing bodies.
Why do you charge different fees?
Each specialist has their own approach to this, and the fees
charged reflect their level of experience, requirements, length
of work, training undertaken and personal ethics.
How do I make contact with you?
We are quite open to questions and enquiries! You can email
us or call, contact details are shown below each specialist
Do you accept casual callers (or drop- in's)?
No, we all work by appointment only, to balance our times out
better and minimise waiting times. This also helps with last-
minute uncertainty!
Are you only available in Winchester?
No, many of our practitioners have other practice locations, do
make contact with us to establish where and when these are.

Is it safe? Will I be 'under the hypnotist's control'?
Yes! Clinical hypnotherapy is quite different from stage
hypnosis shows that you may have seen. Those are purely for
entertainment, while therapeutic work is always safe,
permissive and gentle in it's approach. You will be aware at all
times and completely in control.
Can I be hypnotised?
Most people can be, unless incapable through drink or drugs.
A skilled and experienced therapist will guide you safely into a
beneficial experience of this.

Is is painful or uncomfortable to relive all my
Experiencing them once was bad enough, we will not get you
to re-experience them, although there are safe ways to review
past experiences and get the learnings needed from them, to
help guide or protect you in the future.

What if I don't agree with the advice given?
Properly trained and experienced counsellors don't give
advice, they are just there to help you explore the range of
options and choices available to you. You will never be 'told
what to do'.

I've heard that NLP works really quickly, almost like
magic. Is that safe and does it last?
A good question! So far (over 40 years) NLP seems to have
produced lasting results from all it's interventions. It's just a
question of knowing how to get the responses needed, and
then people seem to follow this pathway instead.
I've tried NLP before and it didn't work.
Just as some people can play the piano a little, and others are
concert pianists, there are different levels of skill and
experience within NLP Practitioners. Look for someone who
has done more than just the basic course and has some good
time in practice.

I don't want to be in psychoanalysis for years and
years. Can't we get quicker results?
Many modern psychological approaches work relatively
quickly compared to before, although there is still a place for
some longer-term work where this supports ongoing changes
and development. You therapist will discuss and agree this
with you at the start of your treatment.

Does Homeopathy really work?
Many eminent Homeopaths (including the founder) are also
Medical Doctors, and use this method to supplement their
treatments. There is a growing body of research evidence that
Homeopathic medicines have measurable clinical effects.

I've heard that it works really quickly, is that true?
Although clients almost always notice a sense of relaxation,
relief from strain and tension etc. after their first session or
lesson, that is only the beginning. With proper training, you
will soon learn healthy,automatic and natural ways of moving
and resting that produce better and better benefits as time
goes on.
Do I need to practice the movements at home?
Only where this has been recommended. Most of the time,
your Alexander Technique teacher will help your body to
adjust and remember the most effective and natural ways,
and this will flow without any additional effort.