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Psychotherapy aims to establish to root of a problem, and uses many approaches to help go
back to the original cause, and resolve this. Often a client is unaware of just how simple a
process this can be, and how beneficial it is to put these things in good order.

Contrary to popular belief, not all psychotherapy takes years to achieve meaningful results. Some brief approaches can be just as
effective for minor issues, while a safely guided longer-term relationship helps to establish new resources and satisfying responses.

At your initial session, the options and processes available will be explained to you, and you can then select the most appropriate
method for your needs and situation.

Trevor Beech - Psychotherapy in Winchester, Hampshire
Steve Wichett -  Psychotherapy and NLP in Winchester, Hampshire and Harley Street, Central London
Steve Wichett: Steve has
been in private practice for
more than 20 years, and has
dealt with a whole range of
issues and problems, including
anxiety and depression,
confidence issues,
relationships and sexuality.
His original experience was in general counselling and
one-to-one therapy work, dealing with adult survivors of
childhood sexual abuse, anorexia and bulimia, bullying
and anger issues, and other individuals who felt
hopeless and helpless to make the changes needed.

Steve then went on to train in many modern psychotherapy
approaches, with experts including Gill Edwards, Michael Neill,
Richard Bandler, John La Valle, Michael Breen, Roger Callaghan
and Robert Holden. This has given him the ability to also work
with phobias, grieving, negativity and doubts, self-esteem
concerns and self-limiting beliefs. His experience combines well in
an eclectic approach, using cognitive, gestalt, TFT, NLP, solution
focussed and client coaching techniques.

Steve says "People only make changes when they are
satisfied, consciously and unconsciously, that these are
ecological in every respect"...

He continues to expand his knowledge and experience, as well as
sharing this freely with colleagues and fellow practitioners. Steve
works with his clients quickly and comfortably, continually moving
them towards their stated outcomes, balancing speed of change
with client comfort and positive integration in everyday life.

Steve is also Master Practitioner and Licensed Trainer of NLP
SNLP, Master Hypnotherapist, experienced Counsellor, and  is an
individual Member of BACP (British Association of Counselling
and Psychotherapy)

Fees: 190 per hour
(Block booking discounts are available)

Contact Details

Email: Steve Wichett

Office: 01962 250818

Mobile: 07835 118044

As well as Winchester, Steve also has private consulting rooms in
Harley Street, Central London, where he founded The Phobia
Clinic in the mid 1990's.

Psychotherapy at the
Trevor Beech: Having run a successful company for 35 years I sold this in 2004 to concentrate on my Psychotherapy practice.

I have been working as a psychotherapist since 1994.
I treat people with anxiety, depression, stress and many other conditions, using a combinations of CBT, EMDR and various techniques.

I also undertake personal and business coaching.

Trevor now only sees clients from his practice in Dorchester, or home visits in Hampshire by arrangement. He is open to referrals and enquiries so if you are interested in finding out more please do call, or email him at the address below:

Fees: 55.00 per hour.

Block Booking - paid in advance
Six sessions 300.00 prepaid for six 1-hour sessions
(equivalent to 50 per session)

Contact Details

Email: info@trevorbeech.co.uk

Website: www.trevorbeech.co.uk

Phone:  Mobile     07818 420 123
Winchester office 01962 448 018
Dorchester Office 01305 858 732
My training

1990 ongoing training as a retreat guide and meditation teacher.
1994 completed  5 year training as a transpersonal counsellor and psychotherapist
2000 Completed training in stress management
2008 completed coaching training
2009 completed  training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
2009 completed training in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing
2012 further training in mindfulness for stress management and depression

I undergo a minimum of 30 hours a year Continuing Professional Development (CPD). I have been on many long silent retreats both individually and as a group. I have worked extensively with individual clients and groups.

I am a member of UK Council for Psychotherapy  and EMDR UK & Ireland